I searched by google, by the forum search and looked for manuals/brochures... I found not so much.

I would like to know the differences in the specifications for the 600, 616 and 626 pumps and if under the "600" name there are more models and/or revisions. I know there are the preparative "600" ones but I would like to understand if the other "600" units are all the same instrument.

I found the manuals about the 600 pump but I was not able to find specific ones about the 616 and 626 units or a technical specification brochure, at least; I would be interested in those manuals or in someone that could explain the differences with the "600".

I would like also to know if the controllers, the 600 (CRT display), 600 (LCD display), 600E, 600S have almost the same functions or if changes are great (CRT display apart). I would be interested also about version compatibility controllers/pumps as if I could run a 626 by an old 600 (CRT display) controller.

I understand this is a very boring question to answer, also simply a link or two written concise lines would be great.

Thank you everyone,