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About 20 years ago I attended a seminar organised by J&W and presentations were given by Walt Jennings. At that seminar a booklet was distributed to all attendees. That booklet was written by Walt Jennings and was a nice and brief introduction to gas chromatography. Unfortunately, I lost somehow my copy of that booklet and I would like to find it somewhere. I am afraid I don't remember the title of that booklet, by the image of its cover is still vivid in my memory. Though I am now very experienced in GC, I am probably nostalgic to have it again in my library, but also to lend to new chromatographers. Would any of you know about this booklet and where I could get it as a hardcopy or in digital format?
Would it be this one by any chance?

i remember going to some of Walt's brilliant lectures some 30+ years ago - he explained theory and equations so simply and clearly. It was like a veil lifted from my eyes, being relatively new to GC at the time.

I recall him saying that the butane gas cigarette lighter nozzle was specifically designed to accept a 701 syringe needle for sampling and injecting a non retained peak for establishing column linear velocity :-)

I also recall his consumables catalogue "Made by Elves" with the occasional elf recipes on some pages. Recipes supplied by his staff


Yes Ralph, that’s indeed the booklet. Do you by any chance have it scanned to share it?
I don't. It was pre - internet and word processor days :-)

There are some 50+ pages. I can try to scan and get them into a pdf format?

Do you have an email address that you are happy to put on the forum page?

I would really appreciate if you would be able to scan it for me as a pdf file and then send it to Thanks a lot Ralph.
I will contact you at that address and have sent a test scan of page 1 of 52 in pdf format to see if the quality is OK before proceeding further

That would be perfect. Thanks again, Ralph.
Scanned and sent.

Happy to share with anyone else as an historical booklet

Thanks. I received it.
I would like a copy also. Maybe post it somewhere on this forum (if not a violation of copyright).
Mr. Jennings was a very sweet man. I walked up to him at Pitt Con 2002, and thanked him for all the chromatography training I got from "the elves". He was very gracious, though a little confused.
He was indeed a gentleman, innovator and an inspirational lecturer.

The booklet has been scanned as a 5Mb pdf file so difficult to upload but if you email me at my temporary address of then I will happily post it to you.

There are no known copyright issues - unlike some 1983 lecture notes that I have of his that have a declared copyright

I still have the last catalogue with tons of staff recipes. I think it was from 1997. Up here in Canada, we also have a chromatographic supply company that for decades had photos of cats & kittens on their "cat"alogues! Now it's hard to get a paper copy of anything.
Now it's hard to get a paper copy of anything.

Very true, Peter made a similar comment.

This has has prompted a thought that I have posted as a separate topic on "Around the water cooler" about preserving older material for historical interest in a digital format

quite a few of Walter's books are available on Google books. (or parts of them) ... &q&f=false

LALman here. I would like a copy of the booklet. I used the 'GC reference section' of the 1994-95 J&W catalog as a teaching reference to optimize my instruments in my first lab job that included GC-ECD and GC-MS doing PCB's, pesticides, and herbicides. My catalog has fallen completely apart but I still keep it.
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