Varian CP-8400 Autosampler - Tested and working fine
Varian 8200 Autosampler - untested
GC Varian 3800 dual FID + PC with Star WS 7.0.2 - Good working condition (conf for 240V)
MS Varian Saturn 2100T - Taken from lab environment - untested (conf for 120V)
Parker ChromGas 9200 Hydrogen generator 250cc/min - Tested and working fine (120V)

Agilent 127-7012 DB-WAX 10m 0.100mm 0.10um
Agilent 122-7032 DB-WAX 30m 0.250mm 0.25um
Agilent 127-5012 DB-5 10m 0.100mm 0.10um
Agilent 122-1032 DB-1 30m 0.250mm 0.25um
Agilent 19091J-215 HP-5 50m 0.320mm 1.05um
Varian CP8944 VF-5ms 30m 0.250mm 0.25um
SGE BPX-5 15m
Agilent CP-sil 88 25m 0.250mm 0.2um (2 pcs)
Restek Rxi-35Sil MS 15m 0.250mm 0.25um

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