Hello to all,
I have a problem about the building of anionic calibration curve by Chromeleon 6.7. I need a linear curve with external standards.
My operations are: Preparation of 3 known concentrations from stock solution. The stock standard solution (ThermoFisher) contains 7 anion (Fluoride 20mg/L, Bromide 100mg/L, Chloride 100mg/L, Nitrite 100mg/L, Nitrate 100mg/L, Phosphate 200mg/L and Sulfate 100mg/L). So, I preparare 3 dilutions from this standard solution 1:1, 1:5, 1:10 (500um stock + 500um water; 1ml stock + 4 ml water; 1ml stock + 9ml water). After that, I inject to obtain the runs, I create my Peak Table where I name the seven peaks and I add amounts in the three coloumns. The integration is set to the disabilitation of Negative Peak. At this level, I obtain my curve where only the solution 1:1 is on the line, but the other two are outliers, why? If it's useful to know, the eluent is 9mM Na2CO3.
Can someone help me to understand my mistakes? Please, thank you!