LALman wrote:
benhutcherson wrote:
I finally got around to calling today.

We're at $205, which is up from $175 earlier this year on a "300" sized cylinder. Still, the price increase was moderate enough that I went ahead and ordered 3.

Now to get more chains and clamps rigged before they come tomorrow...

I was at $265 most of last year. I assume a "300" cylinder is 291CF which is what my "T" cylinder holds. Maybe I need to check around for another supplier. And this is for UHP 5? 99.999%?

Yes, 5 nine purity(99.999%).

Remember that I'm at a university, and we use a local supplier that's based just a few blocks away. On common gases(helium, hydrogen, nitrogen) from what I can tell our UHP price is similar to what a lot of customers pay for lower grades. I was told for example that a 300 of what they call "balloon grade" is ~$180 to most customers. I pay $17 for UHP nitrogen, and around $50 for hydrogen.