Hi everyone,

My lab recently obtained a grant for the acquisition of a new GC-MS system for the analysis of VOCs (e.g. PAH, BTEX...), taste and odor (e.g. geosmine, MIB), pesticides and other emergent organic contaminants in water matrices. We hesitate between 2 models for which we have obtained competitive offers:

Agilent GC-MS: 8890 GC - 5977B HES MSD vs Thermo GC-MS: Trace 1310 - ISQ7000

For the autosampler we opted for a PAL3 RSI equipped with liquid, ITEX and SPME Arrow modules.

I have never used the combination Chemstation/Masshunter from Agilent and I'm much more used with Xcalibur and Chromeleon.

I would like your opinion on these two GC-MS systems.

Thank you