Hardware is a GC-MS 6890N / 5973inert / Standard Turbo / 8260 P&T volatiles / Helium carrier. It was originally purchased with fastscan sideboard and hardware. We upgraded to the larger diameter draw out lens.

I've been running this system since 2004 on Chemstation ver D.01... I need SIM/Scan mode in the near future. So I've upgraded to Chemstation E.02.01.1177 and I've been running with it since about mid November 2018.

The problem: About every 4th time I switch to tune and vacuum view to do a quicktune the application hangs when I switch back to instrument control. The only two menu choices are "Abort" and "Exit". Only "Exit" does anything. Then I have to restart Chemstation.

1) Is this a common problem for Chemstation ver E?

2) Could this be because I have to use Bootp to run Chemstation?

I should add that I need to use Bootp because my SmartCard3 has a burnt out data cable connection at the card; so I cannot use the keypad and screen to set the communications for the 5973 inert MS.

Finally, a grump. I really hate how they added icons for everything and especially how they integrated the sequence editor into the application.