Hi all,
Following on from my initial query last year https://www.chromforum.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=86834. I was able to successfully get one Varian system up and running using Varian Galaxie 1.9. Thanks to all who contributed particularly DoryFish

The second system was using Star Workstation 6.4 and we want to upgrade this to Galaxie 1.9 as well. Unfortunately the firmware on the Prostar 210 Pump is currently not compatible with Galaxie 1.9.

Upon connection it is suggesting to upgrade firmware to Version 1.72 (Currently on 1.0)
Would anyone have a copy of this firmware update or know where it can be obtained?

Alternatively is it possible to extract firmware from the existing Prostar 210 pump working with Galaxie 1.9 and transfer firmware to the Prostar 210 pump in question.