I have a problem I've never seen before. It's odd because I've been an Agilent user for a long time. Generally I'm looking for compounds "in the grass" that's perhaps why I haven't noticed this before.

If I load a chromatogram in "Data Analysis" (Chemstation G1701DA D.00.00.38) the software autoscales the TIC to the largest peak (this is what I want). However, when I sort by a specific mass, single-ion peak is over 9,000,000 cts tall, it clips the peak off at that number.

For instance, I was looking at the amount of eugenol in a cookie I dissolved in water. If I sort by 131, 149, and 164 - the 131 and 149 chromatograms for eugenol are on scale but the 164 chromatogram is clipped at 9X10^6 (or so, it's difficult to see the exact number on the y-axis). I loaded a couple of other chromatograms and sorted by different ions for a large peak in the chromatogram and I see the same thing - clips at 9x10^6 or so.

Where is that number so that I can get it to autoscale on chromatograms sorted by specific masses? I'm puzzled.