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I have played about with creating a new sample set using this option

Can this be used retrospectively for calculating mass and volume correction ?
Can you process a sample set once it has ran or must be set up before

ie dissolution independent of Empower ( 2690D/2695D not ticked), and standard and samples acquired as per method

I cant seem to revise alter sample for dissolution option
Dissolution option is enabled in folder but greyed out in alter sample
If memory serves, the media replacement option and volumes removed may not be altered after creation of a dissolution SSM via the wizard.
Sample names, vial numbers and injection volumes can be changed for "reusing" a sample set method for similar samples after creation of the initial SSM.
Hi ,

I now have data and now have option for dissolution in alter sample table but I cannot quantify results for volume correction (without entering 900,895,890 etc in to sample dilution factor)
does this only work if you have 2690/2695D installed

When sample set created no function of 'calibrate' (v external bracket stds) only 'compute dissolution'

How do you get to see dissolution results when processing ie dissolved amount and dissolved percent ? or back to custom fields ?
Hi ,

I understand for dissolution option you need to set up sample set method and click dissolution (Bath A) (not ticking 2690D installed)

This then goes through bath A set up and input volumes , timepoints etc and then sample set has columns Bath , vessel and transfer time added along with function 'Compute Dissolution'

Can this dissolution option be used to calculate dissolution mass and volume correction ?

Volume correction (change dilution by amount removed) is simple enough but struggling to see how dissolution option works


How does Empower calculate unknown sample concentration ?

I can quantify and obtain an amount but the concentration value in column I cannot figure out

Thinking I can then use this to sum conc for dissolution at each timepoint for mass and volume correction ? .. if even possible

How do I perform quantification of a dissolution using this option when formula :

Ri (%) = {Ci x (750 -((i -1)x 2))}+ Ệ(Sum of) {C_a.n)x2}}/LC

ie Bringing in concentration from previous timepoint

I have this working in excel for no correction (dilution factor in Empower) , volume (Dilution factor - volume removed of sample in Empower) and mass and volume correction (unsure in Empower) so assuming work required here on a custom field perhaps ?
Enter "Compute dissolution algorithm" in Empower's help program. Even if you do not have the dissolution option, the information is there.
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