Integrated BioSeparation Solutions (IBS) is glad to present the new “HPLC Method Development” training course.
You will learn:
- how to organize the HPLC method development in order to get an outstanding HPLC method just in few days;
- what are exclusion (SEC, IEX), adsorption (PR, NP, HILIC, IC, CT, LEC) and widely-used mixed (RP/HILIC, RP/CT, RP/IC, HILIC/IC, NP/CT, SEC/IEX/RP, etc.) LC modes, and what are their properties;
- how to predict the behavior of any target molecule in any LC mode (single or mixed) using its structural formula;
- how to select the optimal HPLC solution for a given analytical task;
- how to select the optimal stationary phase for your HPLC separation;
- what are the standard mobile phase compositions, and how to use mobile phase adjustments for fine-tuning retention and separation selectivity in PR, NP, HILIC and IC modes;
- how to choose optimal flow rate, column length and particle size for the developed HPLC separation;
- how to take full control of your HPLC column’s chemistry, and understand it better than the column’s producer;

and many other topics included into the training course program. You will find it if you visit our website:

These training courses have already proved their effectiveness. They were attended by more that 300 specialists from more than 50 companies in total; more than a half of that companies were pharmaceutical and biotech ones.

Our work is the best visit card. You can browse through the list of our analytical HPLC separations to ensure that they meet the most stringent technical requirements for efficiency, peak symmetry, separation selectivity, resolution and throughput

The “HPLC method development” course focuses on how to achieve such separations in a very short time using our state-of-the-art HPLC method development workflow.

Course registration

In case you are a big company and you have a formed group (for example, R&D analytical division of a pharmaceutical company) we can visit you and conduct the course on-site. In case you want to attend the course as an independent specialist, please, send us the request, and we will arrange the course in Tallinn (Estonia, EU) as soon as the group will be formed.

We are ready to answer you questions here, so, you are welcome!