Volatile Analysis is established as one of the leading analytical labs dedicated to all aspects of odor and flavor analysis. We help resolve real-world issues relating to unexpected or undesirable odor and/or taste notes. We utilize the separation and identification power of Multidimensional Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry in tandem with Olfactory capabilities and experience to rapidly locate and chemically identify odor/flavor contributors, determine their significance, and help develop methods to monitor and/or avoid their appearance. We have successfully carried out numerous odor projects in a variety of areas such as:
  • Food, beverage, and flavors
  • Coatings, paints, and inks
  • Consumer products (including pharmaceuticals)
  • Paper products
  • Industrial raw materials
  • Environmental odor investigations

In addition, we perform specialized testing of packaging materials and products for organic compound permeation, scalping, and detrimental product-packaging interactions.

Please contact us by phone at 1-512-218-9873 or by email at r_bleiler@volatileanalysis.com - We'd be happy to discuss you odor/flavor analysis and/or permeation needs.

For examples of case studies or more information on our services, please visit our websites: http://www.mdgc.com or http://www.volatileanalysis.com.