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I need to calculate the average area of active in Samples A and B and multiply this by a factor in CConst1. 3 injections each of Sample A and B and the custom field formula is A.%..AVE(Area)*CConst1 and B.%..AVE(Area)*CConst1. So my sample set sequence is: Diluent, Sample A, Sample B of Batch #1 then Sample A and Sample B of Batch #2 etc so i put in the function "Summarize Custom Fields Incrementally" directly after my Sample B line then again after the next set of Sample A/B.

But its not giving me the right answer for any sets AFTER the first one. The first one works fine but any sets after that Empower is taking the average area of active in ALL A or B samples in the sample set and using that in the formula when i only want it to use the A/B average areas between each set, hence why i put in Summarize Custom Fields Incrementally between each set. Empower Help describes this function as summarizing all intersample summaries above the function and below the previous funtion, which means that Empower doesnt really "see" any samples above this. I do have the runs in Run Only mode and all processing set to normal, does that make a difference?

Can anyone help with this?
Hi ,

My understanding is that it should work though never used 'incrementally field'

See ... tions.html

Slide 66 for reference

or try replacing with just summarise custom fields?

or worth looking at : ... stom-field
Thanks very much for the reply.

That slidepack seems to suggest that incrementally works by using ALL relevant samples above it eg RSD of standards for one block of samples only uses one label, but the next block uses Label 1 and 2, the next block Label 1,23 and so on.

But I took from the definition in Empower Help that only intersample summary custom fields "above one Summarize custom fields incrementally function and below the previous Summarize custom fields incrementally function would be considered for calculations" but it doesn't seem to work like that, as proven by your other link for the %RSD of standards for rolling brackets.

I want to only calculate intersample custom field summaries for specific brackets of labelled samples but i cant do it.
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