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Hi everyone.

I have a problem with my Surveyor MS pump communicating with Xcalibur. Two years ago I had this exact same pump working perfectly on this same computer with Win7, Xcalibur 2.2 and an LTQ Velos. The LTQ is on a new PC now with Xcalibur 4.1.

The older PC was formatted and WinXP was installed so I could use Xcalibur 1.4 SR1 with an LCQ (software version 1.4) and LC devices 1.4. The LCQ install is prefect, but the MS pump refuses to communicate properly and gives an error about incorrect proportioning values and the pressure shows something like "-1.$". I remember this issue from two years ago and if fixed it instantly by changing the baud rate of the serial port. This time that has no affect and different baud rates only stop communication or cause the errors to appear faster. I have tried both serial ports, 3 serial cables, serial to USB, and two different pumps to no avail.

For me Xcalibur 1.4 won't work correctly under Win7 so I never got as far in the install. Under WinXP I have tried multiple versions of MS Pump from LC Devices (v 1.4 - 2.something) and nothing works. Versions older than 2 give an error and versions later than 2 say to upgrade the pump firmware. The firmware tool requires a LAN connection but Surveyor MS pumps have serial connections, so I can't upgrade the firmware or am missing something obvious.
Does anyone have an ISO of LCQ 2.X that I can use with Xcalibur 2.X to try and get this system working on Win7 again? Or another fix I haven't thought of? This is so frustrating.
Problem solved.
The pump firmware needed to be upgraded using LC devices 2.2, 2.3, or 2.4. In this case 2.2 worked. There is a program included in pump install specifically for upgrading the firmware on the serial connection MS pumps.

Now I have full connectivity on Xcalibur 1.4.
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