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Hello Community,

I have trouble with my Clarus 500. Bevor I describe my problem i´ll give you the specs.

i have an Clarus 500 GC/MS with an TurboMatrix 600 ATD injector.
The capillar goes through the back of the gc right into a swafer and from the swafer to the MS-Detector. The PC has an old winXP OS (Home Edition i think).

And now my Problem:

For the beginning i had to do some maintenance at the cooling trap from the ATD (nothing Special) but when i want to restart the system the WinXP was freezed so i had to reset the PC. And here starts the trouble...
After restarting the PC the config.dat from TurboMass 5.4.2 was crashed. I reconfigured the GC in the TurboMass Software. After the reconfiguration I got the Error Message: "-984 0ERROR 3 Value out of Range ERROR AT A: inst. reports error". After countless reconfigurations whit and whitout the help from the Perkin Elmer Customer Service, I reinstalled the TurboMass Softwar.

Furthermore the Clarus 500 GC was report an error too. Error Message from Clarus 500: "Car2 inlet press < 50 psi". The Customer Service told me that the GC want an pressure on the injector (which ist not activated). The Problem was solved while I changed the option for the PPC-Module in the configuration at the Clarus 500. The PPC-Modul wanted a He-Flow at the injector a and b. I changed both to "None" (Note: The injector themself are already on "None"). After restart of the Clarus 500 there are no more Error Messages.

But when I now want to start a sample I get a new Error Message in TurboMass: "-984 SET PUNIT = 23 ERROR 73 AT A = Instrument Hardware is incorrect for requested Setup."

Thats the current status. I hope someone can help me.

Best regards
H. Schmudde
Hello everyone,

the Problem was solved. The customer Service couldn´t tell a solution and liked to come over to substitute the communication board from the Clarus 500 GC. But that wasn´t neccessary. After a reboot of the System (PC & GC-MS) the configuration of the GC in TurboMass was updated and now they work togehter again.
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