Connecting Welch XKR with Agilent 5890

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My knowledge is limited with GC's as my position as a fuel tech was given to me.

My question: How can I connect a Sargent-Welch XKR to WinXP Pro laptop running Chemstation and to communicate with an HP Agilent 5890 Series II?

Testing racing fuel Methanol for accelerates or other additives that show up abnormal from our baseline. Chart recorders are more sensitive in my experience than the 'off the shelf' Walmart printer that we have now.

Thank you in advance,

William J Isley
The short answer is "you can't". The recorder is analog, and any output from the laptop will be digital.

Check to see if the GC has an analog output (it would be two wires and say something like "0 - 1 V" or "0 - 10 mV").

That said, the actual data processing and quantitation is done by the ChemStation software. What the printer is showing is simply a "snapshot" of the separation. Even if you manage to hook up an analog recorder, it will not affect the results from ChemStation, simply give a prettier snapshot.
-- Tom Jupille
LC Resources / Separation Science Associates
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Thank you for your quick response. I understood the complications of older vs newer, guess hoping there was a workaround.
I'll request to my supervisor the need of more recent recorder.

Again, thank you

William J Isley
It's not the age of the recorder. It's the fact that strip chsrt recorders are designed for ANALOG input, and a laptop is DIGITAL.
-- Tom Jupille
LC Resources / Separation Science Associates
+ 1 (925) 297-5374
Mr. Isley,

5890 has an analog out (0-1V) that runs in parallel to the Chemstation output so, yes, you could run a strip chart at the same time. The challenge with the analog out is that you are much more limited in the detector range (by the 0-1V out.) If you set a low range for minor components, you clip everything else.

But with Chemstation, why would you want too? I guess I don't quite understand the issue.

If you want a pin diagram for the analog out I can provide one.

Best regards,

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