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good evening, I have some experience in the maintenance of GC-Ms Agilent and thermo but I have never had experience with Shimadzu. in my new job I have a shimadzu QP2010u and the resolution is very low. the quadrupole has never been cleaned. the "consumables" of the chromatographic section and the filament in the mass section have recently been changed. I would like to clean the quadrupole but I have no experience in cleaning it. can someone help me or if you have a manual to disassemble and wash the quadrupole?
thanks for your collaboration.

PS: I'm Italian and my English is very poor.
Dear Alberto,
if you don't have much experience, you shouldn't clean quadrupole on your own, so if anything else fails you should ask Shimadzu serviceman for help.
First think about less 'invasive' ways to increase the resolution.
Are you sure you use proper column, the syringe isn't clogged, and standard solutions are fine? I used to examine analytes which were stable for about one week. I think you don't need to replace filaments until they're burnt, but I may me wrong.

What kind of voltage on a detector do you have? Try increasing it a bit, this should help.

Hi Anna, thanks for your reply

The column is a 30-meter DB-5ms, the syringe has been changed recently.
the tuning conditions are as follows:

RF gaing 4725
RF offset 4944
Lens1 -1.3 V
Lens2 -35 V
Lens3 - 1.4 V
Lens4 -50 V
Pre-auction - 6.5 V
1.13 KV detector
Ionic source 231 ° C
280 ° C interface
Oven 50 ° C
Column pressure 69 Kpa
Flow column 1.2 ml / ml
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