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Hi everyone,

we are studying packing procedures for large columns (50, 200, 400 mm diameter). We have noticed that if one applies vibration to the column after packing, it compacts a considerable additional amount. We can easily achieve an extra 7% compaction of the bed (measured in Height before/after vibration).

We observe this with compressible and incompressible media. It is impressive to see a packed column, which we had assumed to be tightly packed, to continue compacting under vibration.

Does anyone have any experience with this? What kind of vibration do you use, how long? Are your HETPs values better/worse?

Best regards,
Speak with the people who pack prep HPLC columns. They have been using vibratory plates and ultrasonic devices to settle and pack dense layers into the column hardware for decades. Voids are a very bad thing in columns, so just about everything that can be done to prevent them is often used. Even "compressible" column hardware is available to keep the column hardware under pressure so the bed stays firmly packed!
We are also studying the use of ultrasonic devices. We have not found much information in academic literature, or even when talking with resin or column manufacturers.

Do you have any specific information on the ultrasonic devices or the vibrators used to pack prep columns?

Or could you recommend somewhere where one could find such information?
I don't think that any company which is producing HPLC columns (analytical or prep) will share any valuable information about packing columns. This is a well guarded secret :)
Vlad Orlovsky
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Vlad is right. What you can do is a patent search or contact the company Biotechflow in the UK. To get that knowledge you need to pay.
Gerhard Kratz,
I completely understand the notion of keeping information close.

Information from patents and other available sources is spotty at best and over-generalized (as always with patents) to the point that it is not really that useful. I just wanted to get an impression of the experience of colleagues in the matter.

Again, I understand the need for secrecy. Though any information or "starting point" at all on how best to apply vibration would be deeply appreciated.

- A.
Vlad and Gerhard are correct. That said:

Are you packing prep-scale columns dry or from a slurry?
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We are packing them from a slurry. Compressible and incompressible resin.
OK. I was going to make a suggestion if you were dry-packing them, but since you're slurry-packing, then the suggestion doesn't apply.
PolyLC Inc.

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