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Issues with repeating analytes in reports using OpenLab CDS

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We've tried every imaginable permutation in Report Layout settings in OpenLab CDS (C.01.08[210], if it matters) and cannot get reports to come out right.

Specifically, when we run solvent, this is what we get:


Note how n-butane is listed multiple times. Its concentration is zero in this particular sample.

When n-butane *is* present, it does this:


Now o-xylene repeats a half dozen times (and is similarly not found in this particular standard).

I've tried all sorts of settings in Report Layout, and just haven't gotten anywhere. I'd like each analyte to be listed once, whether the compound is found or not.

Any help?
It is your compound filter that you need to set. let me look this up. I am not familiar with ChemStation but the Intelligent Reporter should be the same.
Freek Varossieau
Agilent Technologies
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