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Hello all. I'm hoping someone has some insight into this issue. I have a 6890 and I'm running CS A.07.01. I've used newer versions of this software so I'm not sure where I'm going wrong with this one.

When I run my method CS is saving two files. One has my chromatogram in it, the other has nothing (when I try to open it it says no data). In the part of the method where it lets you save two signals I have the one on the right (Signal 2) set to not save data (box is unchecked). A.10.02 is different but similar and I don't have this problem.

Does anyone know where else I need to look to tell it to only save the one file with data in it? Thanks!
Actually, it saves a directory for each sample. Individual files for each signal, report(s), sample info and so.
Ok, so how do I get it to only save one directory per run? It's not a huge deal, just kind of annoying when I go to open a file and there is no data in it, plus it's creating double the directories but half don't have any data.

Like I said, where I think this is controlled in the method I have the left side back detector selected and save data box is checked. On the right the save data box is not checked. What am I missing?
You may have set up the system to save everything in two different places. This is not typical, but for example, if you set up the default config location (where you setup your default directory locations for: Data, Methods and Sequences) for one drive path and your individual method and files to over-ride it and save everything to another location, then you might end up with two copies.

BTW: I do not understand your comments about right side and left side data. ChemStation works with METHODS, that you create (please do not overwrite them!) for a specific task or application. Within the method is a Run Time Checklist, you select if data analysis is part of the method, and if so, if you also want to automate reports too. Within the method, you will have one or more detector set-up screens. Within those screens you can select signals, choose their properties and optionally "Save" them as part of the method. In the Report section, you can select output types. This includes files and/or reports. ALL of these things are part of one method and when you save the method, you save all the choices you made (you can of course go back and edit them later). So there are lots of places where you could request that the system save specific files as part of the method and store them (somewhere). Use the "Edit entire Method" feature to step you through all of the logical screens so you can review them. If you have not done so already, I would strongly recommend taking a training class in the use of ChemStation too. It is super easy to use, very logically laid out and organized. However, if you have used some other system before, it may appear odd at first (change always make people dislike the "new" system at first).
Thanks MD for your response. I still have not figured this out. I have about 15 years of experience with CS so I've figured out most stuff like this over the years with trial and error. I've since upgraded this system to A.10.01. It doesn't look like there is a huge difference except that the GUI is different between the 5890's that I've been using and this new(er) 6890 I'm trying to get up and going.

When I said "left and right" is where you were talking about the "detector set-up screens".

On the 5890 there are radio buttons to select Signal 1, Signal 2, Both or None. I have Signal 1 selected and below that the info for using Signal 2 is greyed out.

On the 6890 that screen is a bit different. At the top of each section (Signal 1 on the left and Signal 2 on the right) you have all the options for which data you want to collect (detector, temp, flow, etc.). Down below I only have the "Save Data" checked for Signal 1 on the left, the one on the right is not checked.

I did one run where I did select oven temp on the right and saved that data. It actually saves in the same folder so I am really confused as to why it's creating two folders each time it runs.

I'm not sure I understand your comments on the default config location. Can you say more about where to look for that?
Ok, I've got a little more information, but nothing that is helping me figure it out.

I noticed that one of the folders is created right after the run is started and the other at the end. In the first folder, I opened the run log and it has these entries:
Method started
One second later it has these entries:
Instrument run started (front)
Instrument run completed
Method completed

In the second folder it has the Method started and Instrument run started entries then at the end of the run 8 minutes later it has the Instrument run completed and Method completed.

Any ideas why it's creating that first folder? I don't have any pre-run macros running or anything.

I called Agilent, but they weren't much help on software this old. The guy had me create a new method which I did, but had the same results.
Now it's not even running the method. When I click run method it quickly goes back to ready. It creates the results folder (with no data), increments the counter and goes back to ready as if the method had run in less than a second. I was about to give up on the two data file thing as that's the way it's going to be, but now it won't even run. I'll have to call Agilent again next week and see if I can get some more help. Maybe this new problem will lead to a solution.
Here's an update. I have always pushed start (or run method) on the computer, done my manual injection, then pressed start on the instrument. My colleague has never done this. So, if I don't touch the computer and just inject and press start on the instrument it runs just fine. It saves one data file/folder as it should. I don't know why it's saving two when doing it the other way, but at this point I'm just glad it's working.
bgrizz wrote:
I have always pushed start (or run method) on the computer, done my manual injection, then pressed start on the instrument.

I never heard of this "technique".

bgrizz wrote:
So, if I don't touch the computer and just inject and press start on the instrument it runs just fine. It saves one data file/folder as it should.

That's what I always did with manual injections.
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