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Triple Quad and MassLynx beginner, MS, MS2-Scan

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I just started working with Triple Quad (Quattro Premier) and the software MassLynx. I have to tune perfectly ESI and the Analyser to detect quercetin. Therefore I use just 16 uM quercetin mixed with methanol. Unfortunately I never see stable peaks. It always looks like a crown with lots of small peaks - do you know what I mean? My professor just said "keep on tuning" but this is so frustrating. Nothing works. I see this crown when I use MS and MS2. But as I use collision gas, both peaks are gone. Even though I thought the sense of MS2 was to see peaks with this gas. When I look for fragments with the daughter scan, I can see them. But they aren't stable and well defined. Lots of crowns here aswell.

I hope somebody understands me and can help.
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Thank you, Alex. Maybe another person can help me out with my problem?
You really need some help from someone who actually uses this instrument, to check whether what you are seeing is normal or not. If you can't get help from a "real" person, an instrument user, can you post screen-shots here? Someone might be able to help. I haven't used this model myself.
Yes, I know, but unfortunately I don't have one. Have you seen my answer with the chromatogram in the other post?
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