Shimadzu SCL-10Avp do I need LC Solution software?

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Hi Everyone,

We just purchased a used Shimadzu HPLC system (details below) and the only software its coming with is "EZ Start v7".

My questions is: will I be able to control/run the instrument with this or do I need LC Solution from Shimadzu?

I saw a previous post saying they could not connect their controller via RS-232 without the software/dongle (see:

Our HPLC specs: scl-10Avp, spd-10AVvp, lc-10ADvp, sil-10A

Any input help would be great!

IN order to use the EZstart software you will need the dongle. If you do not have it will not work.
So you will have to buy the latest software such as Lab solutions.
You might also need to upgrade the current controller firmware.
Discus all this with A shimadzu Rep.

good Luck
Hi ccharles,

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I don't have the dongle but I do have a License file a floppy disk (see below). I have EZ Start software on CD.

Is it possible to still run an analysis using just the local controls on the controller? or is the software absolutely necessary?

Setup: SCL-10ADvp, LC-10ADvp, SPD-10Avp, SIL-10A (non-vp), FCV-10AL all connected and communicating via optic cables.

Hi lespaul

The software which does work with the license you show us is the class-vp (This software was a shimadzu property, now is property of agilent). Anyway, there are two classes of licenses. the first one is activated via, and the page ask you your license serial number and a code written on the floppy, then, the page shows you the final code which you are going to write at the class-vp software. If the software does not ask you the license code, yo should go to c:/class-vp/key and in this sub-program you can enter the code you get in to the web page already.

The other kind of license is out of internet. The key program ask you the license location and you should lead to the a: unit (I mean the floppy).
the software request the license from the floppy and re-write it in order to not activate another license with the same floppy.

I can see your floppy works only with the class-vp software. If you want another software (ez-chrom, lc-solution or labsolutions), this floppy does not work.

There are exist another kind of license which are the dongles. Shimadzu used to convert floppy licenses into dongle licenses, with a charge. I don't know if agilent does the same thing too, but you can ask to your agilent seller.

I hope this info can be of utility to you. Regards from Mexico City!!

I was able to install/activate EZ Start v7.2 and its working now. Thanks!
To hijack a little. We had a hard drive failure. Rebuilding the system, we have loaded ezstart 7.4 on the system. Using WinXP Pro. How in the world does one add instruments to the software package? We are directly connecting via a switch, to the PC. Any help is appreciated.
Hi bushman,

Not sure if you ever got this working. But you can add instruments (pumps, detectors, etc) using the config option in the menu of EZSTART.

When you say you're connected via a 'switch' Im not sure what you mean. You mean a Ethernet hub, or something else?

If you're using a controller you connect your PC via a serial RS232 cable. However there are control modules that allow you to control the instrument via Ethernet.

But back to your question, simply go to config and you can add instruments.
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