GC-MS for Operators and Developers

Courses now feature validated learning through 'Question and Answer' sections within each module to ensure optimized training. On course completion a 'Certificate of Completion' is provided.

What does it cover?

‘GC-MS for Operators and Method Developers’ is specifically designed for GC users and operators. Fundamental
principles, when presented, are done so with a focus on the practical aspects and applications as might be
applied on a daily basis.
The ‘Intermediate Gas Chromatography’ course is a logical next step after completing the ‘Introduction to Gas
Chromatography’ course.

Course Objectives

Those who complete this course should be more efficient and comfortable at setting up, troubleshooting, verifying
performance, acquiring and interpreting GC-MS data. As with “Introduction to GC” and “Intermediate GC”
courses, the GC-MS course is organized into chapters and modules. The chapters focus on given themes and the
modular structure underneath exposes students to subtopics within time-efficient segments.

Targeted Audience

This course is designed for users of gas chromatographs who are looking to further development their method
development and troubleshooting skills in GC-MS.
A key demographic is companies who provide their employees with yearly skill set development objectives. Even
though supported by management, fulfilment of these objectives is difficult to accomplish through traditional
training due to scheduling issues and frequent work-related interruptions. The on-line tutorial approach provides a
unique solution by being accessible from anywhere with internet access, and at any time.


Dr Matthew S. Klee is a recognized authority in the area of GC analysis and instrumentation. Armed with a Ph.D.
in analytical chemistry and 7 years in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, he joined HP (later to become
Agilent Technologies). During 23 years at HP/Agilent, Dr Klee was involved with the invention and
commercialization with many of the GC and GC-MS products that Agilent now sells. He is a the author of monthly
articles in GC Solutions and regularly teaches GC short courses

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