Hi everyone,

I know this is a bit of a longshot, but I’m looking for ANYONE who has a bit of experience analyzing oligonucleotides on a Waters ESI, preferably a Waters Micromass LCT Premier.

Our little lab recently purchased a used LCT Premier and after spending five months trying to set it up ourselves (the used scientific equipment seller bailed on us after 7 weeks of virtually trying to set it up), I *finally* acquired our first (very bad) spectrum. There’s numerous issues with it (see spectra below), such as large ill-defined humps around the peaks and very poor sensitivity (I injected about 2nmol of 10mer oligo for first run), but at least we have a starting place to improve from!

The reason we went with this particular mass spec is simply because I saw multiple groups publishing oligo work using the LCT Premier (and it was in our price range), so I know there’s people out there. Hoping one of them frequents the forums!

Images of the spectrum can be found here: https://ibb.co/LSwkwTS….and here: https://ibb.co/LSwkwTS