High-Low Calibration with Inline Dilution (Metrohm IC)

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We are trying to extend the calibration range of both our anion and cation calibrations to account for high concentration ranges in wastewater samples. We are currently running a Metrohm 940 IC with Inline Filtration and Inline Dilution.

Our current analytes of interest are as follows:
anions: F, NO2, Br, NO3, SO4, PO4
cations: Na, NH4, K, Ca, Mg

I would like to set up the high-low calibration technique as specified in the S349 Metrohm application note, but this is for Partial Loop injection, which we do not have. According to a webinar I watched delivered by Dr. Andrea Willie, I believe this technique is possible with Inline Dilution.

Can anyone confirm this for me and ideally send me any tips to set it up with Inline Dilution on MagICNet 3.1? I would be very appreciative of any assistance.
Dear alroko

High-low calibration can be applied to any calibration type the important part, that the highest calibration level of "low" is also the lowest level of "high".
As I am out of the office right know, contact Elke Suess (elke.suess@metrohm.com) for more details.

Best regards
Dr. Markus Laeubli
Manager Marketing Support IC
Metrohm AG
9101 Herisau
Hello Markus,

Thank you so much! Hope all is well with you.

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