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I am looking for both types of generators for 2 GC/FIDs. One GC has nitrogen carrier gas. The other is a HSGC with H2 as the carrier gas. Looking to add another HSGC in the next year which would use the H2 as a carrier gas.

What should I look at for the capacity for three GCs, two using H2 as carrier gas, all with FID?
What questions should I ask the company - maintenance, ease of in-house repairs, warranty, service contract, etc?

Any manufacturers that you like or didn't like?

Thank you.


What type of GC are you running, if I may ask? If Agilent, I have opinions about the cost effectiveness of generators that I would share.

Best regards,

We had two Parker 40H-MD generators before switching to VICI DBS NM Plus series a couple years ago and have been happy with the switch and no longer using PM kits. I haven't tried it on the GC/MS yet as the Parker H2PD-300 has been running fine for years.

With one 500 mL/min H2 generator, we consistently run two dual-column GCs (only 0.25 - 0.32 mm columns, not running simultaneous injections, and unused channels running splitless or ~30 mL/min). Each GC uses approximately 120-180 mL/min H2 flow depending on method split flows.

For air, our Parker 3.5 l/min has been problem-free for 7 years.

As for in-house repair, Parker has been very helpful on providing troubleshooting by phone and providing parts when they need replaced. When I've shipped units to either Parker or VICI for repair, both were quick to repair, but repairs still put you back a couple weeks. Having a backup H2 tank or generator is essential IMO. I don't use service contracts on generators anymore as it can often take longer for an engineer to come in to troubleshoot the unit than just shipping it in to be repaired. The cost of the contract was also such that I save the company money by purchasing a new generator every 5 years.
Hi Alcmm,

I have a Perkin Elmer HSGC with two columns and 2 FIDs.

Thank you.

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