"Vendors" (manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, etc.) are a tremendous resource to the chromatography community. Posts from vendors on the Forum are encouraged subject to a few common-sense rules.

If you are a vendor:

1. The post must be a legitimate response to someone else's question/problem/topic (i.e., no "spamming" the board). There are only two exceptions to this rule:
a. I get to post whatever I want since I'm the Administrator ;-)
b. the "Announcements" section.

2. In any post where you mention/promote your product (even indirectly), you should *clearly* state your affiliation, either in the post itself or in your signature.

3. Don't "bad-mouth" your competition. Saying "We teach the best HPLC courses in the world" is fine. Saying "Our competitors teach inferior chromatography courses" is not.