So you're thinking of using gel permeation chromatography (GPC) for your analyses, but before you dive in just what information do you need to know before your first sample injection?

Separation Science, in collaboration with PSS, has developed an on-going series of tutorials looking at best practice and troubleshooting for GPC users. These tutorials are available free of charge requiring just a simple registration process.

The first tutorial, titled 'What Should You Know About Your GPC/SEC System Before Injecting the First Sample' in which you'll discover what you need to know about your GPC/SEC system from the very beginning, how to set off on the right track and how to optimize subsequent analysis to ensure the best results. By viewing this tutorial you will learn:

- what do you need to know about your GPC/SEC system?
- what are typical components in GPC/SEC?
- what does plate count mean?
- how can you determine the plate count?

To view the tutorial click on the link below:

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