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Who We Are

Praxis Laboratory is a rapidly growing I-502 certified lab, that leads the industry in quality control, method development, and innovation. Praxis is a Division of The Institute of Food Safety & Defense.

What you’ll be doing

Method Development Develop implement, and validate methods for the analysis of volatiles(terpenes, residual solvents, VOCs, etc in cannabis, hops, environmental and food matrices. TTB analysis of alcohol in beer and spirits

Review & analyze data. Sustain an in-depth knowledge of all procedures performed in the department and insure these procedures comply with published methods, and USP, ISO, & NELAC standards. Insure that all quality control requirements associated with the department, including MDL/LOD/LOQ studies, SOP reviews, DOC requirements, and audit responses are completed in a timely manner.

Contribute directly to the growth and expansion of the company Our team is dedicated to constant improvement, and is always working on new methods, and ways to optimize current methods. You will have the opportunity to develop and validate new methods within the parameters of ISO 17025

What You Bring

A passion for science, continual improvement & commitment to high quality work.

A BS/BA , masters, or PHD in Chemistry

Experience in EPA and SW-846 Organic Analysis and Preparation Methods, including all quality control requirements. In depth knowledge of USP, or AOAC methods relating to volatile analysis in foods or brewing are also accepted.

A strong desire to constantly learn and improve

Expertise in terpenes, volatiles, headspace analysis, GC chromatography

What We Bring

A company culture dedicated to continual improvement, and Innovation.
Advanced technical training and experience.You will have the opportunity to work on advanced projects and be on the cutting edge of a new growing Industry.

Professional enrichment opportunities, such as attending conferences, seminars, training courses, & membership in professional organizations.

Flexible Hours.We operate seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

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Employee paid Health/Vision/Dental/Life Insurance

Paid Vacation

Profit Sharing

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