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I have been trying to find a job in the USA for the past few months and I am a bit confussed on how to apply etc...

Has anyone got any handy tips that could help me apply for jobs and what documentation I may need??

You will need to find a company that is willing to sponsor your visa etc. In terms of jobs you can search the internet either through the companies websites or other websites specializing in job offering (i.e. monster.com and the likes).

USA is not an open market for foreigns. They will allow foreigns to be hired only if they can not find someone from the US that can perform the same job. Examples could be a specialized French cook or very experienced or specialized or educated proffesionals etc...

Your chances of finding a job in the US will depend on your qualifications and the nature of the job that you are looking to apply. Entry level scientist or manager positions for performing baseline analytical functions will probably be out of reach. Even if you apply for a job that fits your qualifications and the company is willing to sponsor your visa and hire you it might proven challenging as the current administration has decreased the H-1B workng visas by about 3 times making it difficult to obtain it...

Your future employer will let you know of the documentation that will be needed...

Good luck...

Being young, and about 2-3 years into my professional career I'll give you the tips I have picked up along the way. I have been in QC, Pharmaceutical R&D, and now I do Consumer Product R&D for a large pharmaceutical company in New Jersey. (Yes I have bounced around a lot).

You'll definately need a resume with all your lab/instrumentation/past work experience. (Including any publications, awards etc).

You'll have to make sure you are legally able to work in the United States.

It's a good idea to submit a cover letter with your resume when applying to jobs.

The following links have helped me in my job searches:
Monster (http://www.monster.com)
Career Builder (http://www.careerbuilder.com)
Yahoo HotJobs (http://www.hotjobs.com)

These websites also give tips on cover letter and resume writing. You can also do an internet search for writing tips. You will have to register to use the above websites.

Usually when applying to a job via a company's website you will have to register there as well, but their instructions are usually pretty good, and they accept resumes and cover letters in electronic format.

I hope this helped.


One more thing on the CV/resume... In the US, unlike Europe, due to the anti-discrimination laws, CV's do not require you to disclose age, marital status, gendre, (and some other things)...

There were similar discussions in this forum before. Here is one to check out:



I have some suggestions for you about job searching. My friend tried to find a job and browsed jobs on different websites. There are several ones he likes most of all. There is a plenty of jobs there, an enormous count of different industries with wide range of salaries.

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