The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), invites applicants for a PhD research scholarship position at the Grain Quality and Nutrition Center
The successful candidate will be:

1. Managing the implementation of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry protocols, and other research studies related to rice volatiles and its association to the relevant genetic and phenotypic parameters.
2. Analyze and verify the results of research studies related to volatile profiling of the rice grain using available data mining (peak alignment, noise reduction, baseline reduction) and statistical software.
3. Plan and design multiple experiments and studies in the field of rice volatiles using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry platform that will help in screening aroma traits in breeding.
4. Prepare reports, scientific papers, articles, posters, and database for publication and/or presentation.
5. Supervise and train staff, scholars, and other stakeholders.
The Scholarship

Level: The scholarship is for PhD Degree

Scholarship period: 3 years

Scholarship benefits: Round trip airfare and related travel expenses; monthly stipend with local medical and accident insurance; university fees (with an upper limit); leadership and professional development funds and research support costs.

As a leading global rice research organization, IRRI is an excellent location for young rice researchers and graduate students to engage in internships and training where they can be supervised by leading scientists in a world-class scientific environment. Qualified students who are about to enroll for their PhD or conduct their PhD research are invited to apply for this scholarship. We provide a gender-sensitive environment and strongly encourage women applicants.

How to apply
Submit your application online through this link (apply online) on or before 31 January 2016.


For more information, email: