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I am a hobby chromatographer and have recently bought a 1100 Agilent. I am based near x , Unfortunately I can not affford a visit by Agilent to do a maintainence on my machine. Is there some one out there in this part of the world, who could help me out in exchange for a fair payment ?

I have a leaking purge valve and not much experience with Chemstation. I am also looking for a version of Chemstation, which could identify my detector 1315B ??

Kind Regards
I hope it is no problem, when my answer is in german:

Was die Chemstation Version angeht sollten alle Versionen ab A.04.00 den Detektor erkennen können. Allerdings finde ich die Version B.01.03 bisher am besten. Neuere Versionen würde ich nur mit Win7 laufen lassen. Win XP Rechner sind dafür meiner Meinung nach zu schlecht.

Solange Sie eine gültige Lizenz für das Gerät haben sollte die Software das geringste Problem sein. Die Installation an sich ist ein bischen tricky je nachdem wie das Gerät mit dem Rechner verbunden ist.
A leaky purge valve is VERY easy to replace. One just needs the thin 14mm open end wrench, and a 1/4 inch wrench to remove the outlet line. A leak out the "waste" port when in the closed position means that the purge valve is bad.

Now, if the leak is from underneath the purge valve, then maybe the gold seal is bad or the valve needs to be tightened a tad.

You need to learn to do this purge valve R&R yourself, because that purge valve needs to come out to replace the replaceable PTFE frit (a common consumable part).

The Agilent website had decent videos of common HPLC maintenance, likely they are still there somewhere. I find most repairs on them straightforward.

As to the A.07 software: the Agilent 1100 modules typically have one module with a "jet direct" card which attaches to the computer, and then LAN cables to connect the modules. In Agilent Configuration Editor, only one "address" is used for the entire system. Now is the A.07 software compatible with Windows 7? Agilent doesn't test and confirm compatability of every revision on every version of Windows, just on some. We've used A.07 with Windows 2000.
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