I'm a chromatographer user in a quality control laboratory. Our factory produces supplies for sportmen and so other items. I usually analyze these supplements to identify and quantify vitamins, preservatives, caffeine and others. I use an Agilent 1100 HPLC with poroshell columns. I have 4 years experience in it and I want to achieve more experience in some other different laboratories.
I've got three week holidays in August so I want to spent theses three weeks in internship in any company which will be pleased to get me as handworker in HPLC.
U.K. desirable because is quite near and English is the best option for me.
So if there is anyone or any company interested please get in contact with me.
My name is Andreu Pulido and my email is aurend1@hotmail.com.
You could see my professional profile at linkedin.
Best regards