Hi All,

GS-Tek manufactures quality gas chromatography columns. We have more than 30 years expertise in gas chromatography, from column development, manufacturing and applications. GS-Tek is a proudly recipient of US President E-Award. Our Founder Dr. Ji developed more HP Brand GC columns, and found GS-Tek in Delaware started with one single person in 2008. GS-Tek is doing international business to supply quality columns and wide range of chromatography consumables and supplies to world wide chromatographers.

GS-Tek’s columns have the same quality and performance as JW columns with much competitive prices. We know that you and your organization use many GC columns every year. We would like to supply your our quality chromatography columns proudly made in Delaware with performance equivalent to that you currently use for much cost effectiveness.

Contact me if you need any GC columns.