QL-300B SPE/PEM 7bar pressure hydrogen generator

Desk-top hydrogen generator adopt SPE/PEM technology-top hydrogen tech in the world.

PEM full name is Proton Exchange Membrane. Also called SPE technology ( solid polymer electrolyte).

QL series desk top hydrogen generator is our patented products, which are light , highly effective , energy-saving and of environmental protection , producing extremely pure hydrogen (>99.9999%) through the electrolysis of pure water (without adding alkali).


1.Total Hydcarbon analyzer support gas
2.GC (gas chromatography) fuel gas and carrier gas(replace h2 cylinder)

3.Chromatography Make Up gas

4.ELCD (conductivity detector) reaction h2 gas(replace h2 cylinder)

5.AED (atomic emission detector) of the reaction h2 gas(replace h2 cylinder)

6.Pure hydrogen gas supply for fuel cell

7.Other pure hydrogen using field

Technical Parameter of QL-300B hydrogen generator:



Output Volume (ml/min)


Output Pressure (MPa)


H2 purity (%)


Protective Pressure (MPa)


Power Voltage (V)

220±15% 110±15% 50~60Hz

Input power (W)


Dimension (LxWxH) mm


Net Weight (KG)

< 16

PEM hydrogen Technology working principle:

The proton exchange membrane (PEM), which only allows water and positive ions to cross between compartments. The membrane also serves as the electrolyte in the cell, eliminating the need for hazardous liquid electrolytes such as concentrated potassium hydroxide. PEM water electrolysis simply splits pure deionized water (H2O) into its constituent parts, hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2), on either side of this membrane. When a DC voltage is applied to the electrolyzer, water fed to the anode, or oxygen electrode, are oxidized to oxygen and protons, while electrons are released. The protons (H+ ions) pass through the PEM to the cathode, or hydrogen electrode, where they meet electrons from the other side of the circuit, and are reduced to hydrogen gas. The two reactions that occur in the cell are as follows:
2.2H2O -> 4H+ + 4e- +O2
3.4H+ + 4e- -> 2H2
4.Thus, the only possible components of the streams are hydrogen, oxygen and water moisture, as shown in
Figure 1 below.

7bar 100psi SPE/PEM hydrogen generator 99.9999% purity gas

Characteristics of QL-300B hydrogen generator:

1.Electrolysis of pure water (adding no alkali) to produce hydrogen with no corrosion and pollution, and the purity of hydrogen is extremely high.

2.Voltage of unit cell is low, and electric resistance in the electrolysis cell is little, giving out no heat, and cycle of changing desiccants is long, producing highly pure hydrogen.

3.With stable pressure and output, Hydrogen is controlled according to the requirements, and automatic control technology is perfect and reliable.

4.Power consumption is less, and the electrolysis is efficient.

5.H2 flow and pressure is stable

6.Titanium material

7.DuPont Nafion Membranes N-117

7bar 100psi SPE/PEM hydrogen generator 99.9999% purity gas
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