The discussion is about the career related to the Science Students. If you have interest in the Science field and want to make career in the Research and Lectureship program.
You can make career through the CSIR NET Exam.The NET Exam is conducted every year for the Science Students.The CSIR NET Exam Date http://qr.ae/TUTd97 usually comes in the month of Juna and December. The Subjects in which the NET Exam is conducted is as follows -
Life Science
• Physical Science
• Earth Science
• Mathematical Science
• Chemical Science
Life Science is one of the best career option for the Students who has interest in the Life and Science.
The Syllabus is as follows -
1. Molecules and their Interaction Relevant to Biology
2.Cellular Organization
3.Fundamental Processes
4.Cell Communication and Cell Signaling
5.Developmental Biology
System Physiology –Plant
7.System Physiology –Animal
8.Inheritance Biology
9.Diversity of Life Forms
10.Ecological Principles
11.Evolution and Behavior
12.Applied Biology
13.Methods in Biology