Dear All,

I would like to announce that I have resigned from SIELC to establish my new company, Helix Chromatography.

When I co-founded SIELC in 2003 and introduced new mixed-mode columns, few people believed that we would succeed. But with my strong background in organic chemistry, customer-first leadership, and a burning desire to innovate, SIELC was able to penetrate the oversaturated market of HPLC columns and re-define mixed-mode chromatography.

It's been an amazing 14+ years of fun, hard work, dedication, bursts of creativity, and outside-the-box solutions. I have designed and created over 100 new HPLC stationary phases, and helped to commercialized 23 of them, and worked with hundreds of customers to help them with their toughest separations.

Helix Chromatography ( will concentrate on bringing innovative new products in analytical instrumentation and column chemistry, providing highly-effective method development, marijuana analysis and instrumentation, offering consulting, seminars and training, and collaborating with other companies.

I am ready to help you with your projects. You can reach by email at

Thank you,
Vlad Orlovsky
CEO & President, Helix Chromatography