Hi all food, environmental, forensic and pharma labs with a HS-GC-FID:

I'm looking for a couple more labs to participate in a collaborative study on ethanol in kombucha using a GC-FID method with headspace sampling, for AOAC final action official method status.

Interested laboratories please contact blake@npscientific.com.

We will send a total of 10 samples for a total of 15 analytical runs. Samples will be sent in mid-late September.

Participation counts towards ISO 17025 requirements, and names of participants will be published upon lab permission in trade media and as part of any resulting publications.

Method validation published here: http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/aoac/jaoac/2017/00000100/00000003/art00023

Method performance requirements are here: https://www.aoac.org/aoac_prod_imis/AOAC_Docs/SMPRs/SMPR%202016_001.pdf

The following types of labs analyze for ethanol using GC-FID:

    Nutrition, food and beverage including alcoholic beverages, wine and beer
    Environmental and Industrial

Please contact me if you are interested at blake@npscientific.com

Blake Ebersole
NaturPro Scientific