Alternative for everyone who has problem with operating Beckman (and not only).

LP-chrom is software dedicated for chromatography, including data collecting form detectors and controlling whole HPLC systems. Most important feature of LP-chrom is compatibility with devices from different companies (pumps and detectors): Knauer, Beckman, Kontron, Gilson and many other. You can build system i.e. with one Beckman pump, other from Knauer and detector from Kontron.

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Its key features:

Collecting data from almost any device with an analog output: UV, UV-Vis, ELSD, refractive index detectors and older GC systems
Controlling number of HPLC systems (detectors and pumps): Beckman, Kontron, Knauer, Gilson etc.
Easy learning and operating
Ability to combine HPLC components from different suppliers
A compact USB powered converter for collecting two analog signals (2 channels version), controlling of pumps with voltage input and receiving start signal from manual injector or autosampler
To High Performance Liquid Chromatographs, controlled by LP-chrom autosampler and fraction collector can be connected.
Compatibility with touchscreen of mobile devices, tablet or laptop
Adjustable size of icons and window appearance
Constantly expanded list of supported device