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This webinar focuses on the use and application of UV-vis spectrophotometry for the analysis of water. This event will provide scientists with updates on the latest issues faced by individuals working in these challenging analytical fields. Taking place in a 1-hr session, this unique event will bring together a selection of technology experts and provide an interactive learning environment and online resource.

The eSeminar will feature the following presentations:

Sensitive and Reliable Measurement of ortho-Phosphate in Ground and Surface Water
by Carolin Klein. This talk concentrates on a photometric method that can be used to detect ortho-phosphate levels as low as 2.5 µg/L. Examples demonstrated are surface water samples from lakes in Germany with their phosphate levels measured using photometry. This is an important application, because too high levels of phosphate may pose a risk to both human health and the environment.

Importance of Phosphonates Analysis in Boiler and Cooling Water and Measurement Techniques in Spectroquant
by Onur Akbulut. Organic phosphonate salts are mainly used in industrial cooling and boiler water applications. As antiscalants and corrosion inhibitors, the main purpose of phosphonates (organic phosphorus) is to reduce scale and remove rust, and thus lower maintenance costs. For an efficient and smooth-running system, both dosing and monitoring the concentration of phosphonates(in circulation in the system), are crucial for boiler water. Therefore, accurate and sensitive determination of phosphonates is necessarily the cornerstone of laboratory analysis.

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