Komplx Engineering LLC is introducing a 'sampling' system that automates real time HPLC analysis of a reaction in an organic chemistry laboratory. This patented device withdraws a 20 or 30 micro liter of sample from a reactor, dilutes it immediately by a solvent at thermal equilibrium with the reaction mixture, and then analyse the sample by a HPLC of your choice. The sampling to analysis process is automated and can be executed periodically.

This device is the only system in the market that addresses the needs of PAT-HPLC in laboratory. It makes use of our patented in situ sampling with a commonly accepted analytical platform for sample analysis.

The advantages of using PAT-HPLC are clearly in ease of validation and regulatory filing in addition to the accepted selectivity and sensitivity of a HPLC method.

Please let me know if you are interested in learning more about the device. I look forward to hearing from you.