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Hello All,

HPLC Newbie here (worked mainly with FPLCs for most of my career)-

We are currently looking for an HP1090 or HP1050 system for our lab for a reasonable price. Also, we would need ChemStation (software and license and an HPIC too). Does anyone here in this forum have any of those systems or know of places to acquire one? I have been around the internet to many of the lab equipment resellers and auction houses and have gotten some quotes but would like to see if anyone here had any more info.

For the HP1090 system, I'd like to have a DAD version. Not too sure about any of the other options that can be added on with one of those systems, but I am up for suggestions and advice (I think I found that there could be different autoinjectors?).

As for the specs/modules for the HP1050 I'm leaning towards a Quaternary pump and having either a DAD or a MWD as a detector. I'd like to have an Autosampler and and Online Degasser would be nice too. Solvent handler is a given of course.

My bosses have told me that I don't have a large budget to work with and I'm pretty scared that the ChemStation software is going to eat up a big chunk. If folks have any other advice (other cheaper-but-still-good models from other vendors to consider, open source software to drive the HPLC, different configurations, etc.), I am all ears!

Thanks for the time everyone!

Better try to find 1100 model. If impossible 1050 is much better than 1090.
And say which region you are from for potential sellers.
Good Luck!
Kind regards,
Ivan Styskin

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Hi LouCasta

Better try to find 1100 model. If impossible 1050 is much better than 1090.
And say which region you are from for potential sellers.

And 1100 spare parts are available and compatible with 1200! I think no matter good where 1050 or 1090 are now dead ends. And humble advice from bad experience, forget the quaternary pump, try binary. I have used it (binary pump) for almost 20 years with no trouble at all!
I am using the Chemstation in a Windows NT machine with 47 MB RAM (yes 47) and have no problems.
If your budget is limited I seggest this configuration:

Binary pump/Column Thermostat/Manual Injector/VWD or better a DAD

Best luck!

Hi Lou,

I have several HPLC models including Agilent 1100, HP 1050 Series HPLC System and other manufacturer models too.

Please send me an e-mail if you would like a quotation- we do offer trade-in programs too where you can receive a trade-in value toward your current purchase.


Thank you!!

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Amanda Trinkle
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I'd say 1100 or 1050. I actually liked the 1050 series better, I liked the front panel keypads even with the Chemstation.

As to Chemstation, I find it intuitive and useful. The A.10 and earlier revisions were simpler to use, could do pretty much everything the current versions do, but easier.
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