Bruker kill off the Varian GCs

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As no-one else has posted this yet. Letter sent out to all users
Dear Valued Bruker Customer,

After very careful analysis of our served markets and product portfolio, Bruker today announced the decision to reduce its Chemical & Applied Markets (CAM) Division product portfolio. Unfortunately, this decision became inevitable as CAM had generated significant losses for the last 4 years, and with its broad product and market scope there was no way to reach acceptable financial performance for CAM in the foreseeable future.

As a result of this decision, effective immediately, Bruker will stop selling its stand-alone GC systems and its single-quadrupole (SQ) GC-SQ mass spectrometry systems. Bruker will deliver and install our existing GC and GC-SQ order backlog, and we will continue to provide service and support for these products and there will be no change in customer service.

Bruker has also announced that it is seeking strategic buyers for its GC service business and separately for our ICP-MS business. If these businesses are divested to other global, analytical instrument companies, then further communications will be made to all customers.

Bruker will continue to develop, manufacture, sell and service our strategically important and successful EVOQ LC-MS and SCION GC-MS triple-quadruple (TQ) products as part of our Bruker Daltonics mass spectrometry product portfolio.

So what will this all mean to you?
· We will continue to honor our service commitments for the GC and GC-SQ systems. Our GC systems service may be transferred to a potential other major analytical systems company before the end of 2014. We will retain GC-SQ service at Bruker.
· We will deliver and install our GC and GC-SQ backlog during the second half of 2014, and we accept last-buy orders for GC and GC-SQ during the third quarter of 2014.
· We will continue to invest vigorously in TQ-MS systems and their applied market applications. Our award-winning SCION GC-TQ and EVOQ LC-TQ systems will be retained by Bruker for sale by our commercial team and our approved distributors.
· We will keep selling and supporting ICP-MS systems while we transition this business to a potential buyer. We expect to transfer our ICP-MS business to a global, high-quality analytical instruments company with a broader trace elemental analysis portfolio in the next few months.

This was a very difficult decision for Bruker and we will work hard with our valued customers to ensure minimization of any inconvenience caused by this decision and announcement.

For informations please contact


Elmar Illek
Senior Vice President
Bruker Daltonics Commercial Operations

Wonder what GC they will fit to the Scion GC TQ they intend to try and keep selling :?

This is the first that I have heard of this. Am I surprised ?, not really - when a company with almost no GC-MS background picked up GC-MS is a forced sell off nothing good was ever likely to come of it. Bruker is going back to what they are good at.

This is one step closer to a GC and benchtop GC-MS market which is exclusively specialised for routine, standard method analyses only, with all modifications locked out.

Peter Apps
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