My company is developing and issuing a new monthly newsletter. The newsletter allows current and future professionals to write and share their ideas, work and knowledge with others.

If you feel like you would be interested in being a contributor to the newsletter on a monthly basis, or even for a single submission please let me know. I also will be posting comparisons of new and old products available for Liquid Chromatography. The products will be rated and readers can post submit comments about each product.

Here are some of the sections.
    * Updates and upgrades from Essential Life Solutions, and their product lines
    * Competitors products and reviews from unbiased third parties
    * Student Speak section.
    * Allows future professionals the chance to say what they are doing, or are looking forward to doing. Also to ask questions.
    * Research and Development section for professionals to discuss what it is they want to, are or plan on doing.
    OpenForum – An ongoing discussion of current events in the scientific world.

I hope you all subscribe if nothing else, and enjoy the newsletter as it comes out. I will post when the first one is to be released.

Happy Holidays!
Philippe R Collin III
Sales Representative
Essential Life Solutions