We manufacture an electropositive filter media based on nano sized AlOOH. The AlOOH is tethered to a microglass fiber and then it is converted to a non-woven, paperlike media. It is capable of filtering virus from water at high flow and at about 1 bar. (see Argonide.com). It is being embraced by the EPA for concentration and sampling of virus in municipal water.

Recently we have focused on the ability of this "solid phase" to separate virus and other large biomolecular particles. We have been able to get peak separation of two phages (MS2 and Alpha 3) that have identical size (27 nm). The separation was achieved by displacement with a beef extract solution containing glycine and at pH 9. No salt or buffer was used. I would be happy to provide this data to any interested.

The media may also be used to separate small molecules. A blue-black mixture of colored vegetable dyes was easily separated into its primary colors also at ambient pressure and at a flow velocity of about 0.5 cm/sec using pure water as an eluent.