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There are two Forensic Chemistry job postings on this website:

Senior Forensic Drug Chemist:

Forensic Drug Chemist:

Both positions are located in Pearl, MS
Way long ago, while in college, I watched the "Hawaii 5-0" show on TV, and wanted a job like forensic scientist Che had on that show. After I graduated, I saw a listing in the newspaper for for an entry level job the state crime lab, remember scoring 46/50 on the written tests, and figured I blew my chance; but they interviewed me, but it was evident that they wanted someone already experienced in the field.

A year later, when I had just one year completed in the consumer products industry, I saw a listing for criminologist for my city in the local newspaper. So I aced their written test and did well facing a 3-person verbal panel/exam the same day. That evening someone called me and offered me the job, telling me that I was their first choice, and they wanted me immediately, but I'd have to bring in my HS and college diplomas and pass polygraph and physical. So I filled out the long questionnaire for the polygraph they had mailed me. At the polygraph test, they told me that for criminologist the test was much more intensive than for police officer candidates. 100 questions were asked, many were repeats with different wording. Well, I only "resolved" 99 of the 100, had not resolved one question that I had already resolved like 6 or 7 times with different wording. Any question not "resolved" (they don't use the word "pass") or anything you tell them (for example: except for the TV you stole, did you ever steal anything else?) can be used against you. The examiner's skill is especially important, more so at that time, as he actually took a ruler and decided which trend lines on the paper printout were OK (flat enough). So I "failed". A few days later they called me back in, told me every other candidate had also not resolved their polygraph tests, so they wanted to try me again on that one question, and I could not resolve that. The head of the department knew something was amiss if I could resolve that topic with 7 different wordings but not with the specific wording they used. So my dream job and 60% pay increase vanished that day.

A couple of years later I re-took the state's test twice, scored perfect 50 of 50 questions and the state still was not interested.

So I stayed in the consumer products industry for over 40 years.....
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