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I have a lot of older equipment, parts and working, for sale. I'll just list a few but I will add and keep updating the list...….
I can sell you specific parts or entire instrument....Located in CA central valley


5890 gc'S
Varian 3400's
Dionex DX-100's
Agilent 4500 ICP-MS
Perkin Elmer 5100, 2 units complete with A/S and Furnace
CNS2000 unit
5971 MSD's
Dionex DX-120 (2)
ALS2016 - parts and working
ALS2032 - parts and working


8-Channel Chromperfect data system. Right now hooked up to a
DX-100 IC, Varian 3400 GC with FID and Varian 3400GC PID/FID with LCS2000/Tekmar2016 (all these instruments are currently functional)
Software runs on a Win95 Computer. All these instruments can be sold separately, including software

TJA ICP 61E, currently hooked up and operational. Complete with
computer, chiller and autosampler. Have a second unit as spare parts

Varian 3400 GC's

5890 GC's

HP1050 Fluorescence Detector

Pickering 5100 Post Column reactor, was part of a carbamates analysis system
set up


API 2000 lc/ms/ms with both API and ESI heads. APCI appears to be brand new, comes with shimadzu pumps and shimadzu autosampler, no software. Comes with Nitrogen generator. Unit came out of a govt lab, was used for toxicology testing of drugs of abuse.

Perkin Elmer AAnalyst 100
Perkin Elmer AANalyst 300

Archon autosampler - VOC's
I'm looking for a working Varian 3400 with two thermal conductivity detectors. If you have any matching that description, please let me know terms. Thanks!

I have a Varian 3800 with FID / TCD configuration.....
We were able to fix the one we had, after a good deal of effort. We'll keep you in mind, though.
On your 5890s...
What detectors and what inlet configs(packed or split/splitless and EPC or manual) do you have?

Could be interested depending on exactly what they are...
I've been looking for Perkin Elmer AAnalyst 100. What will be the final price of it? Waiting for your reply
RichardSmith wrote:
I've been looking for Perkin Elmer AAnalyst 100. What will be the final price of it? Waiting for your reply


$1000, located in CA
I will work with you if you feel instrument not up to specs (in case you buy it).

Also have a Varian 220 same price.
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