A lab doesn't have a working LIMs system. What they do have are "logbook" spreadsheets that they fill out with sample prep info. So you're supposed to make sure that for each sample, you're recording the lot number of filters and drying agent and which pipette and which NIST traceable thermometer you used (in each case, written on the item with Sharpie), etc ad infinitum. So what do busy people do in that situation? They fill out the fields that they care about (name/weight/etc) and just copy down whatever the last person wrote for which supplies were used. And then the notebook audits happen, and it is discovered that someone recorded the wrong lot# of TCLP jugs, and the staff gets scolded for it... but go right back to doing the same thing all over again.

There's got to be a better way. One compatible with human nature would be nice. Have you seen any? Got any tips on setting up a system where it isn't so tempting to just phone it in?