What you think about legalization of Marijuana?

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I certainly agree with it, especially for medical purposes. Just because it is a legal drug does not mean everyone will suddenly go and smoke it; it is so readily available now that those who want to smoke it do anyway. Decriminalising cannabis would save the government (UK) a lot of money and resources. In medical terms, I believe in the use of cannabis oil and have seen the first hand benefits that it has, especially in cancer patients.
I don't have a problem with the medical usage, but to be medically active it doesn't have to include the THC. The Cannibidiol and Cannibinol are the major medically active compounds, and varieties can be grown that maximize those compounds while minimizing the THC content. If people are truly interested in the medical benefits then they would be satisfied with using those plants.

As far as recreational use goes, it will end up following the same path as tobacco. Large corporations will get involved and they will pump up the THC content to further addict people to their product to continue to increase sales, which will only lead to larger problems down the road.
The past is there to guide us into the future, not to dwell in.
What do we want?

Keep the business running by big corporations or by criminals?

Only if it is legalized the society is able to set guidelines and set limits.
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Canada is going to legalize marijuana this summer. What is there to discuss?
Nothing in Canada, but ...
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Never smoked a joint in my life, not even a puff. I'm all for legalization and decriminalization. I would also decriminalize all other drugs as well. This way it stops being such a shady business and you can keep track of drug addicts and care for their health and try to help them since they would have a lot less reasons to hide at that point.
I'm one of the people who want marijuana to be legalized, some city have been approved it but some are not and still in the discussion if they will or no. But I think this can be legalized because it has a good effect in our community especially in a medical way. As i read this https://www.worldwide-marijuana-seeds.c ... -marijuana i know that it can help all of us soon when it is legal in our country. Just saying.
I saw a report a few weeks ago that in states here in the US where it has become legal for recreational purposes that the instances of DUI and also automotive accidents have risen almost 10%.

It may be legal now, but there are always those who will take what is legal and use it in an unsafe fashion sadly.

Our state just legalized hemp for industrial and medical purposes. To qualify though the plant has to contain less than 0.3% THC.
The past is there to guide us into the future, not to dwell in.
Hi All

I am a senior person (64) and very near to retirement, my opinion is that the only method to combat and erradicate criminals is to legalize ALL drugs!
In my country tobacco and alcohol are legal, no contraband, no smuggling.
The very weak point in our case is state control, we are light years behind states as Holland and I think the USA is the same as Europe.

USA here. The incidence of wrong way drivers/crashes here are increasing astronomically the past few years, with same roads, same signs.

I fear that any thing that could possibly affect driving negatively is bad, so many drivers texting and looking at phones as they drive, irregardless of some places that have outlawed this.

At least USA has very few vehicles with standard transmission anymore, automatics make it way easier for those dummies to text and drive.....although I have 5 manual transmission vehicles myself, and Mrs. CPG has an automatic SUV.
I saw a new report recently that in states (US) hat have legalized recreational use, they are having incidences of people coming to the emergency rooms from overdose of cannabis. Apparently it is now being discovered that there is an upper limit to the effect cannabis has as far as suppressing pain and nausea, which is the medical benefit it has. Once the levels in the person go above that limit, it turns the receptors back on that it had turned off, and people suffer the effect of being seriously nauseous and feeling pain throughout their body. It is debilitating until the cannabinoids are flushed from the body and the neurorecpetors/neurotransmitters can return to normal levels.

Also in California, the state wants to make a lot of money from the taxes and is taxing the sales at 35%, the result is an increasing illegal market because the dealers are selling at lower cost than the legal dispensaries. To produce Marijuana in California it has to be grown indoors under controlled and secured conditions. Growing outside in fields is not allowed. This also increases the cost of legal product.

Legalizing this and other drugs may reduce the illegal traffic but only if it remains less expensive for people to obtain then in a legal manner. When Canada drastically increased taxes on tobacco in the past, a smuggling operation began overnight of people running boat loads of cigarettes across to Canada from the US and it continued until they lowered the taxes, at which point the smuggling stopped immediately. People who want to use drugs will also look for the least expensive source, and unless the legal market can compete, there will still be an illegal market that is active. Simply making something legal does not always solve all the problems.
The past is there to guide us into the future, not to dwell in.
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