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:D Welcome to the new (hopefully) improved Chromatography Forum.

A few things to point out:

1. Anyone can read the posts, but you must be registered in order to start a new topic or post a reply. Registration is easy and free. Just click on the link near the upper left of the page and follow the directions.

2. This is the place for discussions about how to improve the Forum, as well as "off-topic" conversations (on subjects other than chromatography).
Since this thread has a nice "Welcome" mat out, plus it isn't locked, I think I'll use it to introduce myself. I couldn't find a self-introduction thread so this is it. Just let me know if it gets moved.

Got my degree in biomedical engineering (BME) but worked in the lab of a biochemist in the medical school. That's what BME is like -- it's just all over the place. Used MALDI-TOF and TOF/TOF, but now I took a job with a small company making microfluidic devices and automation systems primarily for nanospray LC-MS, so I'm finally getting in-depth exposure to the other part of mass spec.

Anyway here I am!

I read a nice thread here about trying to explain your work to a bunch of grade school students. I think I will start a complementary thread asking, how do you explain what you do various adults without and without scientific training. I've done this with MALDI to a degree but never with ESI, ion traps, quadropoles, etc. The point is, you have to tailor the explanation to the person.

If I posted a thread like this, would anybody come? :?:
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